Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lunch Lady Landmark, Saigon

This Blog is to help you find the Lunch Lady. If you use the map on the "Gastronomy Site" below this info will help make your search easier.

Landmark for the Lunch Lady

Look along Hoang Sa Rd. look for the intersection that has a seafood restaurant named “Quan 25” on one corner. The river is on one side of the road so there is only one way to turn. You will run into the Lunch Lady almost immediately. Even thought she is very close and visible from the intersection it’s easy to miss her. 

If you look down the street in the picture you will see a white van. On the other side of the van is where you will find the Lunch Lady. I eat there three days on my trip and the van was there everyday, so It can be difficult to see her from Hoang Sa Rd.